This new design mounts the throttle stop with the carburetor’s linkage and has a very positive stop on both opening and closing. We have always felt it is better to shut the carburetor itself than to shut off the air below it. When an under-the-carb stop is used, it shuts off the signal to the whole carburetor. An inline stop shuts the carburetor blades and still keeps the signal on the idle and intermediate circuits along with the accelerator pumps to help the motor recover when coming off the stop. With the designs of the past inline throttle stops, inconsistencies in stop RPM and E.T. came from the pedal stop inside the care along with cable movement and flex. This design fixes those problems. The bronze throttle lever that your cable attaches to goes against a wide-open tool steel stop, and never needs to move to go on the stop. All of the linkage pieces are CNC machined from tool steel and bearing bronze to exact tolerances.

Our kit is designed for the Holley HP and the APD Billet main body, and comes with a two-stage air valve with bleed-offs. Our testing has shown average gains of 3MPH vs under carburetor stops.

709000 – 1050 GAS
709010 – 1175 GAS
709020 – 1250 GAS
709030 – 1450 GAS
709040 – 1600 GAS
709050 – 1050 ALKY
709060 – 1175 ALKY
709070 – 1250 ALKY