4500 Pro Conversion (Alcohol) – The pro alcohol conversion will include the following:
• Disassemble, Clean & Inspect all parts
• Dichromate all appropriate parts
• Refurbish Main Body
• Install & Calibrate APD Billet Metering System
• Install custom billet boosters
• Install new high flow Needle & Seats
• Install new Large Head Idle Mixture Screws
• Install new floats
• Install APD jets, air bleeds, and jet extensions
• Install premium reusable gaskets
• Rebuild Linkage/Baseplate
• Polish venturi’s (cast main body)

Disassemble and inspect, clean/strip all parts. Install APD billet metering blocks, custom boosters, adjustable air bleeds, high flow needle and seats, large head mixture screws, floats, and jet extensions. Recalibrate all metering circuits, polish venturi’s (cast main body), dicromate appropriate parts (cast main body) and rebuild linkage/baseplate

Download a printable version of the spec sheet here