Our dual needle and seat bowl start out life as a chunk of 6061-t6 billet aluminum, then are black hard anodized for corrosion resistance just like the rest of our Enforcer product line. The bolt on side covers utilize our patented bottom feed design to eliminate form and aeration inside the bowl, providing a more consistent fuel mixture being pulled through the jet which balances and richens the fuel curve while also helping to equalize cylinder distribution. They utilize 2 needle and seats and 2 custom APD side hung floats per bowl. The bolt on side covers are machines for -8 o-ring inlet fittings and must be fed with 2 fuel lines per bowl. These bowls have been used in our own blow thru carburetors on alcohol engines nearing 3000HP. Gas, alcohol, and e85 versions are available. Accepts standard needle and seats and diaphragms. Must be used with APD Floats.