APD’s Enforcer Elite Throttle Stop is made from 6061-t6 aluminum in our 5-axis CNC machining center. Integrated merge spacer to help maximize horsepower, oversized ½”” precision ground throttle shafts supported by roller bearings, on both sides, make this the most precise and rigid throttle stop on the market. Stops are available in both C02 and electric configurations. APD also offers a 2-stage option on the C02 version that can be utilized as a starting line controller or additional throttle stop.

The Enforcer Elite Throttle Stop has a fuel circuit that is channeled internally from the carburetor, through the body of the stop, and exits under the throttle stop blades. This feature mimics the fuel draw characteristics of a carburetor without a throttle stop under it, and because the channel continues to see a strong signal while the stop is closed, the overall carburetor calibration doesn’t need to be nearly as rich. As a results, the engine AFR can be kept at an optimum level which delivers a smoother throttle stop graph, better throttle responses, and a faster back half charge.